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Jesuit Education Australia (JEA) was established in 2017 to                                              provide strategic oversight and governance of the                                                        educational ministry of the Society of Jesus in Australia.


A key aspect to this is “the implementation of and ongoing adherence to the governing Policies and Procedures of the Province relating to the operations of the Colleges and The Statutes on Religious Poverty in the Society of Jesus – Instruction on the Administration of Goods (IAG).”  

The principle of subsidiarity is paramount to the operation of JEA. This key principle ensures that the allocation of resources and the design and application of processes supports engagement and decision-making by those who are closest to where the decision will have its greatest impact. In the contemporary Australian context, there will be times when it is more appropriate for the Colleges to assume responsibility for decisions. Similarly, there will be times when it is more appropriate that the Province and/or JEA undertake decisions and develop policies and processes that ensure collaboration, shared stewardship, and excellence are evident in every aspect of the education apostolate.


JEA is a member of the:

  • The Federation of Religious Institute and Ministerial PJP Catholic School Authorities in NSW and ACT (the Federation). The Federation Website can be accessed HERE

  • Catholic Religious Institute and Ministerial Public Juridic Person Victorian Schools Limited (CRMV)


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