20 MAY 2021 - 31 JULY, 2022

Celebrating the 500th anniversary of the start of Ignatius' conversion.

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New Executive Director to JEA

We welcome Ms Nicki Patten to the role of Executive Director for JEA. Please see the announcement HERE

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JEA would like to thank the hospitality of  both Saint Ignatius' College Geelong and  Loyola College Watsonia who have participated in the Ethos and Identity Reviews in the past few weeks.

The review teams have seen clear evidence of the commitment the Colleges have to ensuring that the identity of their College communities are ones that are Catholic within the Ignatian tradition. 


Jennie Hickey and Joe Favrin formed the Review team at Saint Ignatius' College Geelong.

Pictured with Principal Mr Michael Exton (centre) and their statue of Saint Ignatius the pilgrim.

Principal Loyola College, Joe Favrin, with the review team Nicki Patten, Jennie Hickey and Michael Exton.

Pictured with DP Staff and operations, Alison Leutchford, (2nd from left), Mark Arnavas Business manager (2nd from right, and Chris Lynch DP Ignatian Mission and Identity with their statue of Saint Ignatius with children.

Students from Loyola College 

Students from Saint Ignatius' College, Geelong