Term 2 2020

All Jesuit Schools are open and will be offering educational experiences tailored to the needs of their own context ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations. Please refer directly to your school to gather specific details of what this entails.

JEA wants to thank the leaders and staff in all of our Jesuit and Companion schools and all staff and leaders in all schools across Australia for the extraordinary work they have undertaken to ensure that the students learning experiences continue to be of high quality, wholistic and easily accessible to all.

Year 1 Virtual Jesuit College Board Directors and Company Secretary's Formation Day

Due to restrictions in travel, the board directors of Jesuit Colleges who have joined in the last year gathered virtually to undertake their year 1 formation day.

Overall an excellent, well coordinate day of learning with the right mix of advisors present to answer questions.  Lillian Topic 

Initially I felt the zoom meeting was ‘distant’ as I was about to spend the day with people with whom I had no previous personal connection and as it was a virtual meeting I would not be gaining this connection. Once however we began and I could hear the voices and see the faces of others the feeling of distance was expelled. In some respects, I believe this form of meeting is more inclusive than face to face. Tracey Malloy

 I really enjoyed the day, notwithstanding the online environment. I have attended a lot of webinars etc over the last 6 weeks, and this is one of the more engaging ones I’ve been to – thanks for making it interactive and engaging.  Geraldine Farrell